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Starting on a new project or checking in or helping out with an existing one , often means substantial time in coming up to speed as to what's going on and why. But project-management software such as Project and Visio can provide a consistent framework that offers a clear picture of precisely what to do and what's going on time after time. A lot of people starting a new project wonder How can I get this done'" says Ed Boyce, vice president of Nimbus Partners North America, a software development concern in Stamford, Conn. "With project management software, you just go right to the software. It also gives you a way to look at projects you really know nothing about.Get advice from experts on how to handle the books from managing cash flow to creating an estate plan and see accounting solutions that can make a big difference. It may be more thorough than you. Every businessperson worth his or her salt tries to be as comprehensive as possible in his thinking. A great goal, but not one that's always realistic. Project-management software can provide the fail-safe to help ensure that no essential piece be it a particular element of a project or a person who should be involved is overlooked

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BSA has been heavily criticized about the yearly study it publishes about copyright infringement of software. This study, produced in collaboration with the International Data Corporation, tries to estimate the level of copyright infringement of software in different countries, as well as the resulting losses for the software industry.[1] The methodology consists in estimating the number of computers shipped in a given country, as well as the average quantity of software installed on these machines. Separately, an estimation of the quantity of legitimate software sold in the country is produced, and the difference between the total amount of software estimated to be in use in the country and the estimation of software sold is used as an indicator of the rate of unauthorized copy. A estimation of the total amount lost is produced by multiplying the estimator number of unauthorized copies by the price of the original software. These estimates have been criticised as being overexagerated and many flaws of the methodology have been pointed out; some of the figures seem to be guesses rather than solid data, and some data may not be representative. The calculation of the losses, in particular, assumes that each piece of copied software represents a direct loss of sale for software companies, a very contested assumption.[2] The study's assumptions have been described as being unworthy of a first year student of statistics.

Project Management Software

May not be derived from a sound project management method. For example, displaying the Gantt chart view by default encourages users to focus on task scheduling too early, rather than identifying objectives and deliverables. Focuses primarily on the planning phase and does not offer enough functionality for project tracking, control and in particular plan-adjustment. Does not make a clear distinction between the planning phase and post planning phase, leading to user confusion and frustration when the software does not behave as expected. For example, shortening the duration of a task when an additional human resource is assigned to it while the project is still being planned. Offer complicated features to meet the needs of project management professionals, which must be understood in order to effectively use the product. Additional features may be so complicated as to be of no use to anyone. Complex task prioritization and resource leveling algorithms for example can produce results that make no intuitive sense, and overallocation is often more simply resolved manually. Some people may achieve better results using simpler technique, (e.g. pen and paper), yet feel pressured into using project management software by company policy (discussion). Similar to PowerPoint, project management software might shield the manager from important interpersonal contact. . Consider as well what employees see in a business that breaks the law to save a buck. "Employees have access to the software that you're using," says Westerheim.