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The business performance management(BPM) on consists of comprehensive scorecarding, reporting, analysis,and dashboard applications that provide employees with deep contextual insight into business data. Using the BPM solution, companies can align action with strategy to improve performance by enabling every employee, process, and system to understand business drivers, shape solutions, and execute shared plans. The BPM solution provides an environment for collaboration and analysis,where you expose a process that can be used by other parts of the organization, empowers employees to build and manage scorecards, and provides the ability to deploy scorecards to a MS SharePoint Products and Technologies site or a MS SQL Server Reporting Services report.In the Host Analytics Web-based budget management and financial planning applications, you can more effectively plan, budget, and measure the financial performance of the organization. Our suite of software contains a single data model and a flexible architecture, and is easy to use for all levels of users across the entire organization.

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Business Processing Outsource(BPO)

This monitoring encompasses the tracking of individual processes so that information on their state can be easily seen and These measures tend to fit into three categories# cycle time, defect rate and productivity. the provision of statistics on the performance of one or more processes. An example of the tracking is being able to determine the state of a customer order so that problems in its operation can be identified and corrected. In addition, this information can be used to work with customers and suppliers to improve their connected processes. Examples of the statistics are the generation of measures on how quickly a customer order is processed,how many orders were processed in the last month etc. in business activity monitoring Low-level reuse of external systems, where many business processes will access the same Web service,Medium-level reuse of BPM, extend and expand the monitoring tools in BPMS.Increased ROI, Reduce risk in your processes, Deliver consistent, quality output, Extends life of existing infrastructure, Drives process improvement, Simplified training .